Uncover every misconfiguration in your Cloud Infrastructure

Find misconfigurations in your cloud infrastructure before the hackers exploit it. Did you know that Cloud Misconfigurations are the reason for 70% of the security breaches on cloud?
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The Cloud Security Partner You Need

Comprehensively Identify all resource Misconfigurations that pose Security Risks in your Cloud Infrastructure
Identify Outdated OS and Software
Regulatory Compliance
Remediation Plan to fix Misconfigurations according to business needs

Comprehensive Cloud Security Coverage

Our assessment frameworks comprehensively cover CIS Framework Benchmark specific to Cloud Service Provider and includes many other controls that our research team has identified.
Industry Benchmarks
Custom Controls
CIS AWS Framework Benchmark
Astuto’s AWS Managed Services Controls 1.0
CIS Google Platform Foundation
Astuto’s GCP Managed Services Controls 1.0
CIS Microsoft Azure Foundation 2.1.0
Astuto’s Azure  Managed Services Controls 1.0

Cloud Security Assessment Process

Information Collection
Gather information on Cloud Configuration and Resource Inventory.
Qualitative Analysis
Understand the business, past assessments, reports and incidents.
Get security audit permissions and execute tests.
Retest & Finalize
Close pending open items with a re-test and submit a final report.
Build a consolidated report, mitigation plan and present to business owners.
Verify & Rank
Verify issues reported, run random mutual checks and rank the issues based on the business.

What You Gain from Our Expertise 

1. End-to-End Assessment
We go beyond the surface, thoroughly testing your cloud infrastructure, configurations, and security controls to identify any potential weaknesses.
2. Comprehensive Report
Gain a deep understanding of your Cloud’s security posture with a detailed report outlining all misconfigurations, their severity levels, and clear remediation steps – all formatted for easy comprehension by DevOps/DevSecOps team.
3. Executive Summary
Get a high-level overview tailored for non-technical decision-makers, highlighting the key findings and their impact on your cloud security posture against the real-world attacks
4. Extended Support
Our commitment goes beyond the initial assessment. Our team will assist you in fixing identified misconfigurations and recommend Cloud Security best practices to prevent future misconfigurations, ensuring your Cloud Infrastructure secure for the long term.

Secure Your Cloud Infrastructure

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