Gain complete visibility over every granular cloud cost

Detailed Cost Breakdown 
In depth Reporting as per your business needs 
Establish clear Accountability across departments

Allocate 100% of Cloud Costs to your Business Units

Regular 100% Accurate Chargeback Implementation Cloud Cost Review

Allocate Cloud Costs back to individual departments, projects, or teams based on your specific consumption
Resource Tagging
Usage Data Analysis

Best fit for Complexities of Organization Structure and Multi-Cloud Environments

Consolidating Multi Cloud Cost
Managing tagged and untagged costs
Handling Shared Cost
Fits Complex organisation structures
Custom to environment, product service

Custom Cloud Cost Reporting

Provide your stakeholders with the exact visibility they require
Map cloud cost to your business units, product & service lines, projects and applications, as well as profit and cost centres.
Gain 360-degree view of your cloud expenditure
Advanced analytics for deeper cost insights.
Select your budget, prioritize requirements, and receive tailored reports aligned with your specific needs and scope.
Seize Control of your Cloud Costs!
Unlock cloud financial success with Astuto: From in-depth cost analysis to efficient cost control, we've got you covered. 
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