We are Experts in Cloud Costs and Security

Cloud Computing has transformed the technology landscape and drastically improved the speed of innovation, globalization, accessibility to AI, and complex analytics. All these are accessible at no capital expenditure enabling their rapid adoption across business of all sizes.

However, operating Cloud at scale can be challenging from Cost and Security perspective.  Flexera’s State of Cloud 2024 highlights Cost and Security as the top challenges of managing Cloud.

The Cost Puzzle

Organizations Without
a Cloud Cost Optimization
Strategy Overspend
Up to 70% On Cloud Services.
Source: Gartner
Managing Cloud Cost is hard because of complex pricing, managing resources efficiently, and forecasting. Most importantly, visibility into usage, and cost across applications, services, resources, and accounts can be challenging.

The Security Challenge

Cloud environments present unique challenges with respect to Security because of the shared responsibility model and the complexity and dynamic nature of cloud. The ease of resource provisioning makes it challenging to detect and respond to threats. Managing Identity and Access can be more complex than traditional on-premises environments. Ensuring the security and privacy of data is harder in shared, multi-tenant environments.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help businesses manage and mitigate Cost and Security risks of Cloud Operations at scale through Governance and Operational Excellence.
Cloud Financial Management
Optimal Costs, Reduced Waste, Complete Visibility
Cloud Security
Minimal Risk, Ensure compliance, Prevent Breaches
Governance & Operational Excellence
Policy, Automation, Prevention, IaC