Cloud Cost and Security Governance

Get total control of Cost and Security of your Cloud at Scale
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Identify and Control key Cost and Security Risks of Cloud

Cost Governance
Optimize your Costs and Establish Accountability in your organization
Cost Optimization
Cost Allocation
Cost Policies
Anomaly Detection
Secure Your Cloud
Secure Cloud, Applications, and Data the full lifecycle
Cloud Security Assessments
App Security

Outcome driven Solutions

Cloud Cost Optimization
Identify All Cloud Waste
Find Optimization Opportunities
Cloud Cost Allocation & Reporting
Business Unit wise Cost Allocation
Custom Reporting to make all teams and groups accountable for Cloud Costs in the organization
Security as Code
Compliance as Code
Automated Testing in CI/CD
Application Security Testing
Web App Testing
API Security Testing
Mobile App Security
Cloud Security Assessments
Identity and Access Management
Database vulnerabilities
Seize Control of your Cloud Cost & Security
With our deep expertise in Cloud and singular focus on Governance, we will ensure your Cloud Cost and Security posture is optimized
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