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Free Data Transfer Out of AWS: What has changed?

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced a streamlined approach to data transfer costs for its customers. AWS already provides free data transfer out of AWS upto 100 GB each month. AWS has mentioned that over 90% of their customers don't incur any data transfer costs out of AWS due this.

From 5th March 2024, AWS will offer unlimited data transfer out of AWS for free only in case of transitioning to other cloud provider or on-premise. For those requiring these Free DTO (data transfer out) rates in case of such transitions, can send requests to AWS Support . Requests related to these are reviewed at the AWS account level. Once approved, AWS provides credits for the migrated data, without requiring customers to close accounts or change their existing relationship with AWS.

While this change may only assist a small percentage of AWS customers, it removes a major obstacle for those looking to switch to other cloud providers ,which is high data transfer costs. This waiver on data transfer out of AWS is in alignment with the guidelines set by European data act and is available for all AWS customers around the world.

                                         Data Transfer Out Pricing prior to the announcement

What has changed?

This table provides clear understanding of each dimension being compared prior to and after AWS's announcement.

Dimension Before AWS's Announcement After AWS's Announcement
Data Transfer Cost Significant expenses incurred for data egress Elimination of data egress charges, fostering cost optimization
Flexibility Limited agility due to financial constraints Enhanced flexibility for multi-cloud deployments, reducing costs
Decision-making Delayed transitions due to cost analysis Informed decision-making driven by cost savings and reduced charges
Innovation Hindered innovation due to financial constraints Encouraged innovation and experimentation with reduced charges

Impacts on Customers and Businesses

• Cost Savings: Customers and businesses alike can now enjoy substantial cost savings during transitions, thanks to the elimination of data transfer charges. This reduction in financial barriers encourages exploration of alternative cloud providers or on-premises solutions.

•Seamless Transition: The simplified process for transferring data, coupled with the waiver of charges, ensures a smoother transition for customers. This simplification streamlines decision-making processes and encourages the exploration of diverse cloud environments.

•Greater Control and Choice: AWS's decision reflects its commitment to providing customers with greater control over their data and the freedom to choose the cloud solution that best fits their needs. This aligns with the evolving preferences and requirements of individual users in the dynamic cloud landscape.

• Flexibility in Cloud Strategy: The waiver of data transfer charges empowers businesses to consider a multi-cloud strategy or migrate to on-premises solutions without financial constraints. This newfound flexibility allows businesses to optimize their cloud strategy based on performance, cost, and compliance considerations.

• Compliance and Regulatory Alignment: AWS's commitment to waiving data transfer charges aligns with regulatory initiatives, such as the European Data Act. Businesses can navigate transitions while ensuring compliance, knowing that the financial burden of data transfer is reduced.


In summary, AWS is dedicated to facilitating seamless transitions between cloud providers and on-premise while reducing costs for customers. The open APIs, hybrid infrastructure services, and global network connectivity empower customers to switch providers effortlessly. With the introduction of free data transfers out to the internet for transitioning customers, AWS further removes barriers to switching to other cloud providers, thereby demonstrating a commitment to customer satisfaction.

As AWS continues to innovate and expand cloud services, the focus remains on supporting customers in their cloud journey and ensuring the highest standards of service and reliability.

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