Make your Applications and APIs Impenetrable

With increased digitization, threats to your Applications and Data are increasing.  We comprehensively review of your applications to identify vulnerabilities and risks.
Reduced Risk
Trust and

Web Application and API Security Testing

We perform a combination of Static Analysis, Interactive Analysis, and Dynamic Analysis to identify vulnerabilities in your Web Apps and APIs.
Security logging and monitoring failures
Vulnerable and outdated component
Software and data integrity failures
Broken authentication
Insecure deserialization
Sensitive data exposure
Mass assignment
Code tampering
Broken access control
Insecure design
AO7 identification and authentication
Broken function level authorization
Using components with known vulnerability
XML external entities
Improper inventory management
Cryptographic failures
Server- side request forgery
Identification and authentication failure
Injection attacks
Data exposures
Asset mismanagement
Client code quality
Improper platform usage

Mobile Application Testing

Run Pentest with our Mobile App Security Experts and identify Potential Vulnerabilities in your Android or iOS Apps
Broken Server Controls
Code Injection
No Multi - Factor Authentication 
Data Leakages
Reverse Engineering
Transport Layer Vulnerability
Unprotected Binary Files
Unsafe Data Storage System

Dive deep into our process

We follow a systematic approach to finding and documenting all vulnerabilities in your applications
1. Reconnaisance
Scoping & Planning
Gather Architecture & Configuration Info
Review Application
2. Threat modelling
Identify Security Objectives
Identify Attack Surface
Identify Attack Surface
3. Attack Planning
Design Attack Plan
Selection of Tools
Identifying Exploits
Prioritizing & Scheduling
4. Penetration Testing
Automate tools & Exploitation
Manual Exploits
Identifying False Positives
5. Documentation
Findings & Detailed description
Proof of Concepts
6. Customer Fixes Issues
7. Retest
8. Final Report Preparation
9. Sign Off
Take that first step
Take that first step to make your applications and APIs impenetrable
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Let’s Talk