Cloud Security Breaches are on the rise

76% of organizations are extremely concerned about Cloud Security.
80% of companies have encountered an increase in the frequency of cloud attacks. Cloud Data breaches, Environment Intrusions, Crypto Mining are the most common attacks.
45% of data breaches happened on the cloud
70% of the organizations experience difficulties in managing consistent security across multi-cloud environments
40% of SaaS Applications are targeted by hackers
23% of Cloud Security Incidents area a result of cloud misconfiguration.
82% of them are because of human errors.

Comprehensive Cloud, Application, and Data Security with Astuto

Our Cybersecurity practice holistically looks at Cloud, Applications, and Data to minimize your security risks with prudent spending.
Secure Your Cloud
Secure Your Cloud

Cloud Security Assessments

More than 80% of the breaches involving Cloud happens due to misconfigurations.  We help you find the misconfigurations and other vulnerabilities in your Cloud through our Cloud Security Assessments.
Assessment Areas
Identity and Access
Logging and
Amazon Web
Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud
Oracle Cloud

Application Security Testing

Vulnerabilities in Web Applications, Mobile Apps, and APIs can lead to data breaches, compliance issues, and customer concerns.
Web Apps
Android Apps
iOS Apps
Thick Clients

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT)

Periodic Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing are critical to identifying and mitigating security risks. The goal of our Vulnerability Assessment is to comprehensively review all your systems, software, and networks to find all possible security weaknesses.


Security threats are constant. Security cannot be an afterthought. It is imperative for organizations to build security right from design phase. Our DevSecOps team will help integrate security as part of your SDLC and ensure you deliver secure software and infrastructure
Our Offerings
Security as Code
Check for security configurations in IaC
Automated Security Testing
Integrate security testing of APIs and Apps in the CI/CD pipeline
Compliance as Code
Automated compliance monitoring and enforcement
Take Charge of Your Cloud Security Today!
Empower your organization against rising cloud security threats with Astuto's comprehensive solutions. Seize control and safeguard your data effectively.
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